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Welcome to your new life as a girl. Are you a prissy maid, naughty slut or a sissy baby? Explore your feminine side here, with all the other students at V.A. Gina Online Sissy School, or at The Sissy Boudoir in Edmonton, Alberta. Lady Diva Cane, Edmonton dominatrix and mistress to many sissy crossdressers offers telephone, webcam and real time training, make overs and complete sissification in a private, equipped setting. Email edmontonmistress@ymail.com.

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Letters to Mistress


When i first ran across your website I knew in the bottom of my heart that my life was about to change. As i browsed through your pages i knew that you were "the one" who would truly be a once in a life opportunity to meet.

I had dabbled with seeing others in the past but somehow the sessions always seemed "fake" or insincere and that they were just playing a dominant role. I have had submissive thoughts for as long as i could remember and i somehow sensed that you were different - that you were real. I went through alot of emotions. On one hand i was excited at the opportunity to finally meet you - the Mistress of my dreams. The one who truely understood that she is out of my league and would me push my preconcieved limits, take me out of my comfort zone and truly own me. I was also terrified because i knew if my instincts were correct my world as i knew it would never be the same. This both aroused and terrified me. I knew i only had one chance to have this opportunity of a lifetime and was determined to only jump in if i was ready to have my world turned upside down.

I actually chickened out on calling you the first week or so, but the thoughts of serving you would always draw me back in and finally i worked up the courage to contact you. I knew full well that i would only have one opportunity like this in my lifetime and i needed to make sure i did not mess up this chance of a lifetime.

After the arrangements were made by phone i jumped into my truck and made the drive to Edmonton. My heart was beating uncontrollably as my mind jumped around as to what i was about to get into in just one short hour.

When i knocked on the door and finally saw you in person i knew that my wildest fantasies as well as all of my fears were about to come true. When you immediately had me undress and decided that you didnt want to see my loser maggot clit and put me on my knees panties i knew this was different. I knew this wasnt some fake session but real. My heart raced as you put me on my knees and allowed me the privelege of worshipping your perfect ass. Despite being humilaited more than i have ever been in my whole life there was no way i was going to say no to you. That word would be eliminated from my vocabulary as long as i was in your presence. As you continued to humiliate me by having me act like a slut, lapdance on your strap on, worship your ass and boots and finally act as your toilet i was constantly reminded of how much of a loser i was and how lucky i was to be given this opportunity.

Seeing myself totally degraded in the many mirrors was a constant reminder of my place as your owned sissy loser. Somehow i managed to reveal that i was single for the first time in 10 years and when you told me how things were going to be from now on i realized just how drastic my life was about to change.

Thank you for making me realize that i will never have sex with another woman again as you will now own my maggot clit and wallet. I look forward to being able to serve you regularily from this point forward and will have to evaluate my expenses so i can have hopefully have more for you.


Mistress Diva Cane

Thank you for dominating me and helping me become more submissive and feminine. I feel comfortable opening up to you as Lisa (my female alter ego). I want to push my limits as a submissive androgenous sissy and as a female. These are becoming seperate aspects of my personalites. I love my feminine self and really want to explore this fully. I think I am tri sexual 1.Man to woman 2.Woman to woman 3. Woman to man. I want to be a beautiful woman who looks, acts and feels like a woman at every level. I want to learn to be a soft, sexy, feminine, submissive for my boyfriend, Jason and to learn how to also be a powerful woman whose beauty intoxicates Jason so he is under my control.

I want to experience everything and I mean everything about being female. I also want to be forced to be more sissy like. I appreciate your willingness to help me become more womanly as I learn to be intimate as a woman and I recognize that I am nonetheless your slave and am only entitled to learn as a result of your generous and nurturing dominance of me. I promise to do as I am told and to the extent you are willing to teach me. I promise to do my best to learn and push through any inhibitions or self concious fears that I have. I truly expect to grow into womanhood under your kind but firm and loving guidence. What is really neat is that my handwriting has become quite feminine any real effort on my part.

Your adoring sissy and girlfriend



Dear Mistress Diva

At one point I was just another useless male in this world, without direction, without guidence, without any sense of the natural balance of life and the world around me. I felt empty and searched for something to fill that void within. My first step toward becoming a better person was my first step toward submission by entering the hallowed Chambers of Mistress Morganna's Dungeon.

The first lessons were geared toward reshaping my mind to embrace true submission, to embrace the truths of Female Supremacy, and to begin to understand, for the first time, my place within the real world.

As the years and sessions went on, I began to slowly embrace and look forward to what I once thought of as humilating acts of wearing panties, hosiery, garters, bras and other feminine items. Over time I realized that these items were begining to reveal the true inner person who lurked within and it wasn't until I submitted to Mistress Morganna's ultimate instrument of submission, Her Glorious Strap On, that I truly understood for the first tim, what my purpose required me to be. I needed to shed the inferior male-ness of my personality and completely embrace the inner feminine essence that was begining to shape me. I needed to become a gurl.

My next step in my development was my introduction to You, and under the guidence of You and Mistress Morganna both, I was properly set on a path towards my true embracing of who "Devina" was to be and what direction she needed to take. My own collection of feminine items began to grow rapidly. My one initial treasured pair of panties has now blossomed to well over 50 and my wardrobe has now expanded to several wigs, neglige's, teddy's silk pyjamas, corsets, blouses, stockings panyhose of all colours, skirts, bras and my prized 5" leather boots and my heels which fill my closet to overflowing. In addition, my cosmetic collection has become complete with many different colours, shades, and tones to better help "Devina" reveal herself and the results have been fantastic. I've lived the glorious feeling of silky smooth legs, the crimson lips, and the ability to truly express myself as a gurl.

At one time, "Devina" was a small portion of my pscyche, hidden within. Now she is an emerging gurl embracing all that life has to offer, and it would not have been possible without you. My Journey is far from complete, but the path you set for me is one I eagerly walk on now. Devina is a large portion of who I truly am and I love the expression of who I have become. At one point I was a lowly vile male submissive, now I have taken the quantum leap forward to become a Submissive Sissy Slut!

Under your guidence, I have become the slut I have always dreamed of and have learned never to be afraid of who Devina truly is. Whether I am strutting my stuff in my 5" heels, on my knees servicing Your strap on with my mouth, giving up my ass pussy to Your Divine Strap On, or taking all the lessons learned under your guidence and feeling the silky feeling of a real T-girl cock on my lips to become an accomplished and enthusiastic cock sucker. I could never have done any of it without Mistress Diva Cane and Mistress Morganna.

I can only look forward to the continuation of my journey of discovery, and to embrace all that the world of Femdom Supremacy has to offer for years to come!


Devina Cox