Edmonton Dominatrix, Lady Diva Cane, welcomes you to the new campus of V.A. Gina Academy

Welcome to your new life as a girl. Are you a prissy maid, naughty slut or a sissy baby? Explore your feminine side here, with all the other students at V.A. Gina Online Sissy School, or at The Sissy Boudoir in Edmonton, Alberta. Lady Diva Cane, Edmonton dominatrix and mistress to many sissy crossdressers offers telephone, webcam and real time training, make overs and complete sissification in a private, equipped setting. Email edmontonmistress@ymail.com.

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Applying for Training

Purchase your first full two week assignment now!

...on your decision to emulate the superior gender. You are truly enlightened and deserve the very best guidance on your wondrous journey into womanhood.

We open our arms and doors to those who long to become more feminine and help them discover the girl within.

Some may require nurturing while others may need a strict regime of control and discipline to achieve their goals.

Our classroom and homework assignments help us find and cultivate your special girlie talents and feminine attributes.

Whether you are an adult baby, a sissy maid or a naughty slut, the girl in you will blossom under our direction.

At V.A. Gina School, we plant the seeds that grow into beautiful flowers and watch them bloom year after year.

How long will you wait to become the girl of your dreams?

To help us understand you and your desires, we require you to send us an email answering the following questions. Your answers will help us tailor a program specifically for you. Honestly answer all questions with your level of experience and interest. We look forward to teaching novices so do not feel a lack of experience will prejudice your application. All your information will be kept in confidence so please be honest and open to new things as you write your application letter. In the meantime visit our free updated learning centre for video tutorials in walking, make up, dancing and much more!

Email this information to edmontonmistress@ymail.com...before booking beginning your training.

1. Have you selected a female name and if so, what is it?
2. Do you consider yourself at least somewhat submissive now?
3. Do you feel you generally know what being submissive, being feminized or being a sissy is?
4. Are you shy or adventurous?
5. Are you a novice, tell us how experienced you are?
6. Are you married, single or in any relationship?
7. What is you height, weight, approximate age, and measurements?
8. Are you willing to explore, experience and develop aspects of your submissive and feminine personality?
9. Will you keep a diary of your adventure?
10. Will you wear panties as required?
11. Will you wear pantyhose, stay ups, and knee highs as required?
12. Will you wear make up as required?
13. Will you learn to walk in high heels?
14. Would you like to be under our full control?
15. Would you like to learn to be more submissive or more sissy like or more feminine?
16. If able, will you wear bras and panties while lounging at home?
17. If able, will you learn to properly pamper your feet and keep your toe nails perfectly polished?
18. If able, will you wear baby doll nighties to bed?
19. Are you able to trim or shave your pubic area?
20. Are you able to shave your armpits?
21. Are you able to shave your legs
22. Are you able to shave your chest?
23. Will you learn to do pedicures so you can pamper our feet?
24. Will you learn to adore our feet?
25. After we teach you to shop safely without embarrassing scenes, will you shop for you feminine wardrobe and make up needs?
26. Will you take make up lessons and image consulting if required?
27. If you feel safe (perhaps in another city even) would you go out fully transformed in due time?
28. Is your female personality more suited to being a maid or a slut?
29. Are you bi curious...tell us about any experiences?
30. Telling about the girl you dream of becoming...is she a sissy, a shemale, a Tgirl, a woman?

Include this with your booking form at mistressdivacane.escorts.biz

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